Each year we hold a mini Science Fair event here in our Newark headquarters. The Science Fair is a company-wide event open to all (not just engineering). Participants are invited to build tri-fold boards describing their group or what they’re working on, work related or otherwise.

It’s a great way to take time-out, share a beer with friends and learn something new about the company.

Topics include new products and features, new techniques in audio-processing or usability as well as quadcopters, homebrewing and Technic Lego. The last few events we’ve had broad participation across the organization, seems like you never really outgrow that high-school science education.

Here’s a selection of photos we snapped from the event.

Although we’re snowed under here in New Jersey we’re already starting to think about 2015’s event. It’s going to be a good time.

  • This post’s image comes courtesy of Arielle Mahabir from our Customer Care team. Arielle is a passionate artist from Jersey City, featured in galleries across the NY/NJ area and has been collecting these markers since the age of 8. Thanks Arielle!