When we’re not writing awesome code or debating our future web & mobile application architecture… we have fun!

“Phwep! Thump! Click-clack!” Don’t panic! These are just the sounds of another fun, but fierce, Nerf gun battle between team members. Audible’s offices are rife with Nerf guns, ping-pong tables, the Indian board game Carom, video game consoles, guitars, and other amusements.

I’m part of Audible’s platform team, and during the 2015 holiday season, we gathered for an outing at the historic and HUGE Grand Central Terminal in New York City for an organized scavenger hunt.

We divvied up into teams, with missions ranging from team photo challenges, to searching for landmarks based on clues, to looking for obscure objects. After the fun and frivolity, we all headed to a nearby bar for food and a few drinks.

Every Friday afternoon, in the cafe, we have a team-hosted, themed happy hour with beer, pizza, and snacks. Recent events included karaoke night, a Halloween party, and a Harry Potter launch celebration. Oh, and our CIO Sanjay is a great guitar player and is known to jam out, like he did during our Diwali happy hour. There are also sundry interest groups like Toastmasters clubs, and fun, friendly sports leagues like basketball, baseball, and more.
The myriad events at Audible make coming to work a joy, and it’s cool to be a part of things that are beyond daily work. Our CEO Don is a big believer in giving back to our community, and we have an annual holiday event called Operation Santa. Each year, our team purchases gifts from Christmas wish lists for underprivileged children, wraps the gifts, and has them delivered. It really brings a lot of meaning to coming into the office and participating in something bigger.
I’m constantly amazed that I work with such smart and interesting people on challenging projects with cool technologies in web, mobile web, iOS, and Android mobile applications. All of us at Audible are here to make an impact on our millions of customers' audiobook listening experience AND we get to have fun doing it!