In 2015 we had our most successful Hackathon yet. We’ve had company-wide Hackathons before, starting in 2014 and teams often conduct hack-days as part of regular sprint work but this event was slightly different. We decided to name it as such “the Cre8athon”.

Participants gather as the event kicks off

Unlike traditional hackathons which are tech-driven or engineering-centric we planned this event with an express goal of “inclusion”. We wanted to get everyone involved, not just engineers. We have a lot of different skillsets, interests and disciplines within the company from Visual Design to Data Science and we wanted everyone to have feel included and able to participate and bring their respective talents to the table.

The 2015 event spanned 3 days with over 140 people participating. Artists and Engineers alike competed across 40 teams. No space went unused in our offices with teams huddled on all 5 floors of our building here in NJ, as well as Seattle and Boston.

The Egg Drop Challenge got heated…

With so much hacking going we wanted to make sure teams took time out to interact and have fun with one another. To that end we hosted an Egg Drop Challenge, Werewolf, Super Smash Bros bracket on our 12-foot screens as well as live-music throughout the event (there are two acoustic guitars under my desk to this day).

The Egg Drop got Heated!

Things got out of control with a spontaneous jam between a didgeridoo and heavy metal guitar and that was BEFORE the Karaoke and Happy Hour kicked in.

And then this happened!

It’s so hard to summarize all the goodness in one paragraph so here’s a highlight reel:

We had some amazing ideas generated over these 3 days. This event was like a compression of the incredible energy that happens in our corridors year-round.

With so many great contributions we couldn’t pick just a single winner so multiple teams went home with a variety of audio related trophies, the most coveted being the branded Master & Dynamic MH40s.

The Egg Drop got Heated!

Hackathons can get a little jaded or sometimes feel overdone but this event felt different and uniquely “Audible”. We’ll definitely be back next year bigger and better.