Audible has a long history of innovation and invention. In 1998 we introduced our own hardware, the “Audible Player”[1] - the first flash-based audiobook player. It held 4MB of data, or about 2 hours of audio and fit in your pocket. That tradition of invention continues today and we routinely celebrate new patent awards.

Amazon awards a single clear lucite puzzle piece for each successful patent submission. These are ideas that reach the “Patent Pending” stage. Once the USPTO (or similar foreign body) reviews and awards the patent a corresponding (and highly coveted) blue puzzle piece is awarded.

So far in 2015 we have multiple recipients. Congratulations to Guy Story and Ajay Arora who each received blue puzzle pieces. And kudos to Aman Sagar, Michael Macchione and Scott Battaglia who each received clear puzzle pieces (which photograph terribly).

Alt text Patent Awardees

We have well over 100 patents at this point and the list keeps growing. Congratulations to all our innovative thinkers!

[1] - Learn more about the Audible Player on Wikipedia