###Signal To Noise is Live!

The first post is the hardest - welcome to “Audible Signal To Noise”. This site is an informal way for us to share information and updates about goings on within the company with Engineers and Designers everywhere.

Audible’s growing, fast! Now in our 20th year (still with a startup vibe), we’ve assembled a great team and we’re pretty proud of the company we’ve built. It’s time to share a little of that with the world.

…it’s still day 1…

We’ll try to provide you with useful information such as product and feature announcements as well as technology and design articles related to the work we do here. We’ll offer insight into our engineering challenges, our design philosophy and a little about how we get stuff done.

We work on some challenging problems - like Whispersync (synchronizing the listener’s audiobook position seamlessly across multiple devices), or automating audiobook ingestion or Immersion Reading (highlighting a ebook’s text as it’s read by a narrator). It’s fun, challenging and ultimately really rewarding to be able to bring content and performance to a listener’s attention. We’ll share some of how we approach those problems in this forum.

There’s always something non-work related happening at Audible whether it’s Art Shows, Ping Pong, Basketball, Hackathon or Science Fairs and more. Did you know we host HackNights every other week in partnership with City Hall? We’ve got a stake in the community and we’ll share details that give you a view into our culture.

This site will change, things will break, we’re not going to get this right first time. We’ll learn as we go and that’s part of the fun.

We’ve wanted to share a lot of our story for a while now and it’s exciting to see where this takes us.

In the meantime you can stay up to date by following us on Twitter @audible_com, checkout new releases with @NewOnAudible, find us on Instagram @audible_com or Like us on Facebook.